пятница, 19 января 2018 г.


01.Demarkus Lewis - Behind Closed Doors ft. E-Man (J Paul Getto Remix)
02.Loop Jacker, Tony Soul - The Sounds And Grooves (Lj's Uptown Groove Mix)
03.J Paul Getto, Hatiras - James Brown Is Getting Down
04.Angelo Ferreri - He Needs You (Original Mix)
05.Milty Evans, Brian Boncher - Love The Way (Original Mix)
06.Sean Roman - I Wanna (Original Mix)
07.Block & Crown - On The Frontline (Original Mix)
08.Block & Crown, Chris Marina - Reachin For The Stars (Original Mix)
09.Block & Crown - Your Love (Original)
10.Block & Crown - The Piano Groove (Original Mix)
11.Adri Block, Kaippa - Inner City Funk (Clubmix)
12.DJ Falk, Luca Debonaire, Kiki Doll - Get Started (Original Mix)
13.Gio Goose - Deep Down (Original Mix)
14.Kiki Doll - Caliente (Block & Crown Club Mix)
15.Marc Palacios, DJ Kone - Tender Love (Original Mix)
16.Alex Kenji - Do It (Original Mix)
17.Paolo M - Give It up Now (Club Mix)
18.Ario - Shutdown (Mirco Caruso Remix)
19.No Hopes, Kinspin - Can U
20.Ron Carroll Feat. Audacious Melodius - Music Is (Gettoblaster ZXX Remix)
21.Reza, Niltox - Drop The Beat (Original Mix)
22.Block & Crown, Kaippa - There's No Justice (Original Mix)
23.Carl Hanaghan - Strings Of Life (Jerome Robins Remix)

пятница, 5 января 2018 г.


01.Bonj - Sky Walking
02.Disco M - We Were Lovers (Original Mix)
03.Re-Tide, Moon Rocket, Danielle Martin - Make You Do Right (Original Mix)
04.Lissat & Voltaxx vs. Marc Fisher feat. Vanessa EkpenyongCan't Get Enough (Jonse & Bengt van Steegen feat. Tristan Herrmann  Remix)
05.Inaya Day - All About Us (Jeremy Bass Remix)
06.Kenny Bizzarro - Jack 1976 (Original Mix)
07.Doc Link, Angelo Ferreri - I Wonder (Angelo Ferreri 'Groove Insane' Mix)
08.Block & Crown, Kaippa - More Then You Know (Block & Crown Jackin Mix)
09.Block & Crown – Underground Hippin (Original Mix)
10.Alex Kenji - Because Of You (Original Mix)
11.Alaia & Gallo - Never Win (Original Mix)
12.Block & Crown & Kaippa - Ain't Mad at You (Original Mix)
13.Hoxton Whores Vs. Dj Pp & Jerome Robins - You Used To Hold Me Feat. Danielle Simeone (Original Mix)
14.Vincenzo D'amico - Be Yourself (Original Mix)
15.Sam Divine & Cassimm - What God Has Chosen (Original Mix)
16.Wlady, T.N.Y. & Chris Montanini - Andrea (Original Club Mix)
17.Santo - Old Iscool (Original Mix)
18.Luca Debonaire & Kaippa - Thousand Words (Original Mix)
19.Jerome Robins, Matt Caseli - Born Slippy .Nuxx (Jerome Robins Level 3 Remix)
20.Gustavo Peluzo - Don't Stop
21.Simone Vitullo, Cari Golden - Cracks (Original Mix)
22.Ricardo Motta - Ladies Night (Original Mix)
23.Branco Simonetti & Joe Krosher – Rock The Disco (Original Mix)

Continuous Dj Mix - Global 2018 [Catstar Recordings]

01.Jack Le Funk – One More Time
02.Frey & Waxy – We Came To Party
03.Zsak – Magic (Original Mix)
04.Mike Newman & The Viron – My Love (Original Mix)
05.Audio Jacker – Disco Star (Original Mix)
06.Federico Scavo – Que Pasa
07.Hazzaro – A Better Way
08.Crazibiza, Terry Lex, Paradize Groove – Flawless
09.Zsak & Crazibiza – Specialized In Love
10.Funsko – Dirty Old Disco
11.Alex Kenji – Hands Up (Original Mix)
12.Chris Marina – Ready to Rock You (Club Mix)
13.Camelphat – It Is What It Is
14.Phunk Investigation – Closing In Time (Original Mix)
15.Rio Dela Duna, Kiki Doll – Deep In The Underground (Block, Crown Club Mix)
16.Stefano Noferini – Extraluv (Original Mix)
17.Vanilla Ace – Mdf (Yves Murasca remix)

воскресенье, 24 декабря 2017 г.


01.Pat Lok - Stay Together (Fabich Remix)
02.Michael Gray - The Weekend (Michael Gray Glitterbox Mix)
03.The Soultrend Orchestra, Groovy Sistas - 84 King Street (Dj Meme Back To Paradise Remix)
04.Risk Assessment - U Babe (Original Mix)
05.Sultan, Tommyboy, Zara - BwithU (Sante Cruze Remix)
06.Sam Divine, Cassimm - What God Has Chosen (Original Mix)
07.Traumton – Saddle Up (Crazibiza Magenta Remix)
08.Block & Crown, Kaippa - Got Funk (Original Mix)
09.Block & Crown - Dubbin Solar
10.Alessio Cala' - Strike (Original Mix)
11.Charles J - Do You Want (Crazibiza Remix)
12.Reload, Lovra - Right Back Feat. Tess Leah (Reload Remix)
13.Haji & Emanuel - Weekend (David Penn Remix)
14.Marco Santoro - Everybody Feat. Byron Stingily (Original Mix)
15.Luca Debonaire - Snake Walk (Original Mix)
16.Marco Santoro, Byron Stingily - Everybody (Eddie Thoneick Phuture Dub Mix)
17.Disco Ball z - Legal Vibe (Original Mix)
18.Ovidi Adlert - The House Of Traps (Original Mix)
19.Popcorn Poppers - I Wanna Believe (Original Mix)
20.Luca Debonaire, Kaippa - Forver Young (Original Mix)
21.Luca Debonaire, Kiki Doll - Shattered Dreams (Extended Mix)

суббота, 9 декабря 2017 г.


01.Angelo Ferreri - Change My Skin (Original Mix)
02.Way Out West feat. Eli & Fur  - Running Away (Original Mix)
03.Alessio Cala' - Yes, Please! (Original Mix)
04.Seamus Haji, Atfc - Right Track (Original Mix)
05.Danny Losito - Moon Rising (Micky More & Andy Tee Mix)
06.Olav Basoski, Spyder - Waterman 2017 (Bolier Extended Remix)
07.D. Ramirez, Allusion - So Special (Original Mix)
08.Lokee - I Want Your Love (Original Mix)
09.Crazibiza – Music Hypnotize (Original Mix).
10.Dantiez, Space Jump Salute, Killed Kassette, Kimberly Sykes - True (Kydus Extended Mix)
11.Nora En Pure - Fever (original Club mix)
12.Mvzzik - All I Wanna Say (Dj James Ingram Remix)
13.Paolo Barbato - Movin', Doin' It (Original Mix)
14.Block & Crown, Kaippa  -  Freakin  (Original Mix)
15.Block & Crown, Kaippa - Sticky Situation (Club Mix)
16.Sergio Matina, Gabry Sangineto - Disco Fever (Original Mix)
17.Block & Crown - The Music Pumpin' (Original Mix)
18.JedX - Love Saver (Original Mix)
19.Micky More, Andy Tee, Angela Johnson - Can I (Show You Real Love) (Full Intention Vocal)
20.Yass - Blow Up (Late Night Mix)
21.K69 - Rockin' To The Rhythm (Original Mix)
22.Robert Feelgood, Dennis Ruyer, Block & Crown - In Miami (Original Mix)
23.Luca Debonaire, Damon Grey - Can't Take This Sh## (Original Mix)
24.Leandro Da Silva - So Crazy (Original Mix)